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Darwin, Charles, et al.
The John Hay Library, home to Brown’s collections of rare books and manuscripts, is putting its Darwinalia on display.
By Sarah Baldwin-Beneich
 Photographs by Peter Clancy
In addition to drawings, maps, photographs, letters, and the treasures pictured here, you’ll find 17th-century discourses on the Great Flood’s role in the formation of the earth, Charles Lyell’s influential Principles of Geology, Captain FitzRoy’s Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle, and the proceedings of the “Man's Contracting World in an Expanding Universe,” a three-day Convocation held at Brown in 1959, at which the naturalist’s grandson and namesake, Sir Charles Galton Darwin, a physicist, was a featured speaker.
The exhibition, titled “The Origin of Theory: Tracing Darwin’s Evolutionary Thought,” runs through September 20.
For information on exhibitions, hours, and other special collections at the Hay, visit
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