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Photo by Dr. François Luks, MD, PHD
Iways and Bye-ways
A parting shot of an East Side landmark.

Providence’s ambitious Iway project entails moving the I-95/I-195 interchange, which used to cut right through
the city. Removing the old section of highway will reconnect the Jewelry District with the waterfront and downtown while creating waterfront parks and greenways as well as property for mixed use development. It also means that certain quirky “monuments,” like the one pictured here, will disappear. Pediatric surgeon and amateur photographer François Luks immortalized the mural painted by Brent Bachelder in 1997 for a neighborhood beautification project as it was being demolished.

“For almost as long as we’ve been in Rhode Island,” says Luks, “the Wickenden Street mural of Van Gogh, Guernica, Mona Lisa, The Scream, and The Birth of Venus had been a Providence landmark. Ironically, they only came out of the shadows as they were being torn down. Oh, well … not quite as dramatic as owning a piece of the Berlin wall, but it is the end of an era.”

Dr. François Luks, MD, PHD is the director of the Fetal Treatment Program and a professor of surgery at Alpert Medical School, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and Women & Infants Hospital.
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