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A Passion for Community
Supporting community is paramount to Preetha Basaviah ’91 MD’95 and her husband, Venky Ganesan. It plays a role in their careers, how they raise their family, and how they define success.

As a PLME student, Basaviah was introduced to her medical school family early on. “The Brown medical family is amazing,” she says. “My mentors provided opportunities for me to grow individually and professionally, and the connectivity across generations enriched my education a great deal … and many of those connections exist to this day.” Basaviah’s best med school memories are sharing late nights with colleagues, medical mysteries, and her patients’ compelling life stories. She says Brown prepared her with a strong curriculum, and by engendering trust in collaborative teams.

Basaviah takes what she learned about the power of community and pays it forward. Currently a clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, she is also the director for the Practice of Medicine course, ensuring that her students are nurtured academically and professionally. She has also served as an alumni interviewer and allowed prospective residents to shadow her at work. She hosts Brown undergraduate and medical community receptions, and recently began a term on the Brown Medical Alumni Association Board.

Basaviah’s strong connection to Brown inspired her to support the new Medical School building by naming an exam room in the Clinical Skills Simulation Center. She is excited to see what chain reactions will occur. The Jewelry District location will provide unique opportunities for collaboration and innovation, she believes, and bring together like spirits in the medical community. She also knows that Brown medical students will figure out how to make the most of this new space. Their curiosity, coupled with the clever design of the building, will create synergy. “This building is a dynamic vision, a beacon,” Basaviah says. “It is a manifestation of the formative educational experience Brown offers to generations of physicians.”

Basaviah and Ganesan are thrilled to have this vision become a reality in their own time. With it, they hope to show their daughters that working hard, helping others, and being part of a community comes with great reward. “Community connections are very important to us,” Basaviah says. “We want our children to realize that you can be a part of the history of something by giving back.”
Getting Warmer
Getting Warmer
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