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Come Together
Students and faculty in the sciences have a place of their own.
The Science Center, a full floor of meeting rooms, study spaces, a laboratory, and high-tech communications and instructional tools in the Sciences Library, opened for business in February.

David Targan, associate dean of the College for science education and the center’s director, called the space a “nerve center” that will draw together science education, learning, development, and teaching programs at Brown.

There are many attractions to entice both the dedicated scientist and the curious visitor. A reception area features three high-definition televisions that will showcase student research, display announcements and events, and possibly include a live feed from NASA TV or another science-oriented channel. The area also has a small lounge with a view of the main conference room, which seats up to 50 people and is the physical hub of the center.

Arrayed around the main conference area are six study rooms designed for group work and outfitted with “writable walls.” Four of them will have smart boards that allow users to make presentations, edit them in real time using audience feedback, and save the changes.

In another part of the center is a counter on which students can plug in their laptops and display their work on flat-screen televisions above. There are individual study carrels, a room for faculty to hold office hours, and a student-help office.

A dry laboratory room will help showcase Brown’s science initiatives in the community, notably the National Science Foundation-funded Graduate K-12 program with Providence-area schools and a similar program for Rhode Island high school biology teachers funded by the National Institutes of Health.

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