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Lords of the Dance
Ain't no cure for the BioMed Boogie.
Last February, the annual “Dancing With the Profs” event proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Biomed professors have got the moves.

Hosted by the Brown Ballroom Dance Team, the event pairs six faculty with six students who are members of the team. They danced before a panel of three judges in a packed Alumnae Hall. Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience John Stein, who performed in the first “Dancing with the Profs” two years ago, was one of the three judges.

Assistant Professor of Biology Gerwald Jogl began a sedate waltz with Ivana Miao ’11 to the tune of “Moon River,” but stripped off his tailcoat halfway through to finish the dance with a sassy, modern interpretation of a waltz set to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.”

Professor of Medicine Jody Rich, who danced with Hilary Treadwell ’01, started out dressed in a doctor’s coat and carrying a stethoscope. As the dance began, he took off the coat to dance a sultry samba in a form-fitting black shirt.

“Your solo will be spoken of,” Stein said to Rich when the dance was over.

Stein also complimented John McGeary, assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, on his “suave and sophisticated look” when he danced a jazzy foxtrot with Angela Hua GS.

In the end it was Assistant Professor of Sociology Nancy Luke and her partner Daniel Hackney ’12 who stole the show with their spirited jive. That’s all right. Two years ago, Professor of Biology Gary Wessel took the crown (see Brown Medicine, Spring 2008).

Jody Rich rocks an electric blue headband.
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