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Spring 2010
Gradual Electronic Health Record Implementation: New Insights on Physician and Patient Adaptation
By Renée R. Shield, PhD Roberta E. Goldman, PhD David A. Anthony, MD Nina Wang, EdD Richard J. Doyle, PhD Jeffrey Borkan, MD, PhD, August 2010

Renewing Primary Care: Lessons Learned From the Spanish Health Care System
By Jeffrey Borkan, Charles B. Eaton, David Novillo-Ortiz, Pablo Rivero Corte, and Alejandro R. Jadad, August 2010, Health Affairs

Emergency Department Visits for Concussion in Young Child Athletes
By Lisa Bakhos, MD, James Linakis, MD, PhD, et al, August 30, 2010, Pediatrics

The evolution of emotion: Charles Darwin's little-known psychology experiment
By Professor of Neurology (Research) Peter J. Snyder and Rebecca L. Kaufman '11, April 2010, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences

The 15-Minute Heart Cure: The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Da
By John M. Kennedy MD’92 and Jason Jennings, 2010, Wiley

The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding Your Purpose, and Getting Over Life’s Little I
By Lucy Danziger and Catherine Birndorf MD'95, 2010, Voice


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